Snapwiz’s platform can be combined with a wide range of third-party digital learning solutions—covering diverse domains and subject areas. Our technology solution platform provides smarter assessment and adaptive learning tools that are designed to save educators time, foster collaboration, and streamline the personalized learning process. All in all Snapwiz works with partners to help them create or enhance their own adaptive learning applications. 

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Manage Taxonomy
  • Determine what adaptive solutions pathways work (and why
  • View learner profiles in a structured repository to see how their personalized learning experience is formed
  • Make essential changes to the frequency, format, and conditions which learners are assessed
  • Modify the adaptive learning experience to fit any context or course pedagogy
  • Satisfy learner needs by making changes, or recommendations, to the framework of instructional content
  • Enjoy an accessible content model with an authoring-friendly environment designed to help you add to or reshape instructional content
Import Content
  • Import content using ePub3, QTI, Word docs with the click of a button for complete courseware 
  • Search, retrieve, reuse or edit content items
  • Make real-time edits while publishing courses
  • Use an integrated workflow to smoothly manage publishing steps
Import Publisher Resources
Author Adaptive Content
Author Adaptive Content
  • Enjoy full control over widgets that dynamically adapt to student preferences and goals by analyzing learning assets, activity history, and student interaction data
  • Utilize powerful eConcept widgets with declarative and machine learning models that adapt to student skills, preferences and abilities
  • Combine and assemble interactive widgets to craft unique courseware that’s the cornerstone of an unmatched personalized learning space 
Author Adaptive Assessments
  • Create learning & assessment content based in rich question types
  • 35+ assessment types & growing (including advanced Math support) with extensive support for technology enhanced assessment items
  • Diverse assets such as images, quizzes, videos, tec. can be created using extensible widgets
  • Support for HTML5 based animation & automated import of digital assets from ePub3
Question Authoring
Publisher Dashboard
Publishing Workflow
  • Platform supports an end-to-end content lifecycle that is designed around the way the content is created, modified, and refined for every edition of a title
  • Support for content production workflows
  • Editorial support to corrections/revisions
  • Launch readiness summary with data drill downs or launch multiple products from one repository
  • Upgrade titles without impacting existing live edition
  • Migrate custom data to new titles seamlessly
Learning Analytics
  • Seize new engagement opportunities 
  • Identify content usage insights using click stream analysis
  • Get a panoramic view of what content is being used by students and teachers: test what’s effective in delivering outcomes, and understand key areas that need additional content development and resources
  • Scrutinize and test what pedagogical approaches, modalities, and study plans are effective
Usage Analytics