Students can take control of their own learning process in an entirely new way. The more they interact with our adaptive courseware the more they’ll see contextual connections between the course content and global course concepts. Our adaptive assessment & learning tools foster a new kind of collaborative learning space that measures precise proficiency levels so students know where to begin their personalized learning pathway.

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Learning Spaces
  • Interactive texts are broken down by chapter, and each chapter is further subdivided into navigable sections: diagnostics, sub chapter topics, and assignments & quizzes
  • Students can engage with interactive texts to take notes, highlight passages, and share comments in a contextualized learning space
  • Through contextual collaboration they can engage in dialogues with peers or their instructor to see reading assignments in a new light
  • With a detailed Assessment History, students have the opportunity to view each question they answered, and effortlessly filter the data—zeroing in on problem areas or places where more practice is needed
  • Students can also view detailed skill reports & practice histories which highlight Common Core achievements
  • They can create their own practice tests or take quizzes crafted by the instructor
  • With the ability to view their progress, activity, and the next best steps to take—students can take control of their own assessment insights 
Assessment History
6.0-performance report
Grades & Performance
  • The comprehensive Performance Reports are seamlessly displayed in a detailed dashboard
  • Students can see an overview of their assignment summaries
  • They have the option to focus on three key grading areas: recently graded assignments, upcoming assignments, and their overall performance in the class
  • Students can participate in social learning, tracking their entire activity with a social media styled Learning Stream 
  • They can view and add notifications and announcements related to the course
  • Sharing their social likes and dislikes, they can create contextualized discussions related to course content
  • Social sharing is simple: they can share supplemental learning content from internal or external sources
7-learning stream 1