Introducing Edulastic!

We’re excited to announce Edulastican innovative formative assessment tool that’s free for teachers!

Edulastic will be available within a few short weeks, but right now we’re asking teachers to sign up at for their chance to use the beta.

What is Edulastic?

Edulastic unifies homework assignments with the formative assessment process (*teachers have the freedom to use this for evaluation purposes or simply as iteration/practice sessions):

  • Edulastic is aligned with the Common Core and teachers can choose from 35+ interactive question types. For more information at this time please visit Snapwiz’s Common Core Assessments.
  • Many of the same personalized and adaptive learning features offered by Snapwiz will be available over time with Edulastic. Click here to learn more!
  • Think of Edulastic as a new space for your classroom where students have the opportunity to enhance what they know and practice areas or problems they’re struggling with.
  • We created Edulastic because we value feedbacksupport, and mastery. Teachers gain real-time, day-by-day, insights so they can use this information to map student progress and provide the right feedback at the right time. Students get the opportunity to see their learning styles in motion, and use the feedback to improve their understanding of essential course concepts and goals.

Sign up for Edulastic today!

If you’re a teacher, please sign up today to reserve your spot. If you’re not a teacher, but you know teachersor people fascinated with education technologyplease share the sign up page on with them.

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