Assessment Product Tour

Snapwiz offers students and instructors a user friendly, and assessment-centered, workflow to help individual learners achieve fundamental learning goals. The workflow process allows students to accomplish both course and lifelong learning goals—while giving instructors convenient and compelling resources for crafting personalized learning spaces. 

Be aligned with Common Core State Standards.

View our CCSS Assessments to learn more.

Actually say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all curriculum model this time. With our blended learning workflow, instructors can create personalized learning experiences for each one of their unique students in five easy steps: Create, Assign, Submit, Review, & ReportOur technology solution platform—with smarter assessment & adaptive learning tools—saves educators time, fosters a collaborative classroom environment, and improves modern pedagogies.

  • Manage your classes with an intuitive Instructor dashboard
  • Gain an overview of class-wide assignment performance
  • View a stream of all current assignments
  • Create subject-specific assignments
  • Add questions and content from three robust sources
  • Search and import publisher resource content
  • Select and use publisher resource questions
  • Import content from open resources
  • Create interactive questions with 35+ assessment widgets
  • Modify or add answer choices
  • Effortlessly add assessment questions
  • Easily assign homework to students
  • See class-wide assignment responses
  • Provide feedback on individual questions
  • View subject-specific Common Core reports

Students, for the first time, have the opportunity to either embrace formal curriculum approaches crafted by their instructors—or gain a new level of independence by creating their own learning space. They’re empowered by an intuitive workflow that’s collaborative, alluring, and insightful. We make our sophisticated tools easy to operate so students can control how they interact with learning resources, assessments & grades, and personalized learning pathways. 

  • Manage your class participation with a friendly dashboard
  • Find everything you need in one precise menu
  • See posted assignments and homework summaries all in one place
  • Smoothly navigate between chapter questions
  • Easily find and answer new questions
  • View detailed, chapter-specific, performance summaries
  • Glimpse recently accessed readings to find solutions
  • Find freedom in selecting any practice area