Technology enhanced assessment

Author creative and engaging assignment questions, choosing from 35+ interactive question types, that are aligned with Common Core State Standards. If you’re a post-secondary institution, you can also choose from three distinct content import options: Create your own; Import from Publisher Resources; Import from Open Resources.

Actionable Analytic Insights

Drive student success and course achievement goals by systematically tracking where schools, and individual classrooms, stand with respect to state and national examinations. 

Constantly innovate your learning space

Your learning space can seamlessly evolve in tandem with updates to our platform. Continuously shape and reinvent your pedagogy with every new feature and platform integration we make.

Create any classroom landscape you want

Put the puzzle pieces together anyway you see fit: create a harmonious assessment portrait that tests and evaluates critical student performance metrics. 

What question types and assessment tools do you need?

Customizing our assessment and adaptive platform is that easy! Choose from our extensive (and ever growing) interactive questions types to ensure students practice the right Common Core standards.

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. Multiple Selection
  3. True / False
  4. Short Text Entry
  5. Text Drop Down
  6. Numeric Entry
  7. Numeric Entry (with unit of measure)
  8. Math Symbolic Notation (expression evaluator)
  9. Advance Numeric Entry (tolerance and significant digit)
  10. Group Questions (for data interpretation)
  11. Essay (with basic text formatting)
  12. Audio Response
  13. Number Line – Identify Points
  14. Number Line – Define Ranges
  15. Fill in Table Cells (close)
  16. Comprehension Question (passage based questions)
  17. Multi-part Question
  18. Draw on a background image
  19. Writeboard (free handwriting)
  20. Label an image with text
  21. Label an image with drop down
  22. Label an image with drag and drop
  23. Order a list
  24. Order buttons
  25. Sentence Selection
  26. Paragraph Selection
  27. Match the following list
  28. Advanced Drag and Drop
  29. Plot Points
  30. Plot Segments
  31. Plot Lines
  32. Plot Rays
  33. Plot Circles
  34. Plot Vectors
  35. Plot Bar Graph
  36. Plot Line Graph
  37. Plot Histogram
  38. Chemical Symbolic Notation
  39. Tabular Options
  40. Algorithmic questions (parameterized questions)