Higher Education

Create an enlightening, technology-rich, learning space that’s both adaptive and collaborative. Bring content to students from three distinct sources: OER resources, publisher content sources, or simply create your own. Moreover, our learning spaces model allows instructors to collaborate with one another on course content—sharing the best curriculums and methodologies in an open repository. How does this benefit the students

Students are used to traditional LMSs and interactive textbooks—but it’s time to offer them a contextualized and adaptive learning experience that helps them navigate texts, create and organize their study processes, and participate in lively discussions with their instructor and the entire class.  Intellectual vitality requires dedication, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Snapwiz offers a new way to expand students’ perspectives with personalized learning spaces—keeping your institution competitive and track to meet larger goals and leadership initiatives.

See, in detail, what instructors can do with our tools.

Creative Learning Spaces

Different students learn in a multitude of different ways. Creating personalized learning spaces allows educators to adapt to each student’s learning processes and strategies. Snapwiz offers next generation approaches to finding the right fit: explore blended curriculums options to create a balanced learning environment that takes practice and training beyond the classroom walls.

Collaboration & Classroom Logistics

Instructors can craft multi-faceted lesson plans that encourage students to showcase their ideas and thoughts while they learn. Rather than student’s feeling like they’re in a one-way didactic environment—they’ll experience the curriculum as if they were working one-on-one with a tutor. Paint a more detailed picture of collaboration that directly changes student engagement and productivity.

Intuitive Analytics

Built for education professionals, our Dashboard provides real-time performance data. See an instant overview of all your students’ progress, track individual performance, and filter students to quickly organize your pedagogical approach. This decisive data is invaluable to instructors—allowing them to gain an overview of problem areas and the effectiveness of presented concepts.

Powerful, Customizable, Tools

Once instructors start seeing marked progress with their students they can continually refine their content to keep the quality of student learning high. They can find the methods that work by testing and retesting their process. Carrying student satisfaction year-over-year is made simple by reusing lessons or making adjustments based on course changes.