Introducing Edulastic!
Edulastic Makes Common Core Formative Assessments Simple!

Edulastic is a FREE formative assessment platform that supports student mastery of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Teachers can track student comprehension day-by-day—with homework and in-class assignments—to provide personalized feedback, remediation, and intervention. 

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K-12 Educators

We enable the next generation of students to experience personalized learning, and receive formative assessments, with solutions specifically built to foster lifelong education prosperity. Our student-centered approach embraces emerging technologies—supporting curriculum resources aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)—to transform learning experiences one student at a time. The education landscape will never be the same as traditional textbook, and one-way instructional formats, give way to interactive, personalized, and collaborative learning spaces. We put students, and their learning objectives, first by giving educators better evaluation tools that inspire better pedagogical resolutions and results.  

Seeing students from a new perspective

With top-notch analytics, and an intuitive teacher dashboard, educators can see real-time performance data. They can effortlessly gain an overview of their students’ skill level and instantly track their progress. It’s an exciting and easy way to learn what the students know in order to guide them toward the right personalized pathway for achieving the course goals.

Common Core Assessments

Snapwiz is an LMS-compatible tool suite that provides a seamless experience for the creation, delivery, and management of courses that support Common Core standards. To meet these standards, we provide the best tools to craft curriculums with test and quiz items closely aligned with CCSS.

Personalized Learning Paths

Educators can craft leading edge content that’s personalized, adaptive, and collaborative. By blending together all of our innovative features, they can focus (for the first time) on crafting individual learning pathways—giving students a living and breathing personalized learning experience that improves their overall performance. 

Classroom Collaboration

Students have the opportunity to do even more than practice the classic learn-by-doing model; they can examine their assignments with their peers and embed comments to create contextual discussions—sharing their thoughts with the entire class on questions that matter.

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