Personalized Learning Powered by Science

Effective teaching platforms based on machine learning for students from kindergarten to college & beyond.


Personalized Learning
Powered by Science

 Effective teaching platforms based  
  on machine learning for students  
  from kindergarten to college & beyond.


Tailor-made at Every Stage

Snapwiz apps build mastery of key skills and concepts – from college and career readiness standards in K-12 schools through higher education courses; to skills needed by professionals on the job.


Edulastic, a next-generation assessment tool, provides critical insight into student understanding for K-12 teachers and education leaders.

Higher Education

Learning Spaces extends learning beyond the lecture hall, through interactive textbooks, course communication, adaptive practice and assessment.


Glider, an assessment and career-planning app, effectively matches professionals with jobs based on skills competency.


Next-generation assessment for K-12

Interactive Questions

Easily create your own PARCC and SBAC-like questions using more than 30 interactive question types, such as drag and drop, graphing, passage-based and multipart questions.

Actionable Data

Instant scoring saves grading time so you can monitor struggling students, make the right remediation moves and measure growth toward CCSS-mastery throughout the year.

Expert Assessments

Choose from our bank of more than 20,000 questions, created by Edulastic experts and well-known publishers, or create your own and share with other teachers in your school or district.

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Competency-based hiring for fast-growing companies

Holistic Assessments

Multidimensional assessments ranging from programming languages to interpersonal skills provide a holistic evaluation of the candidate.

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Artificial Intelligence based matching technology finds the ideal candidate for a job. End to end automated workflow for candidate screening reduces time-to-fill.

Talent Development

Personalized bite-sized learning programs and practice content for candidates ensure immediately productive new hires.

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Learning Spaces

Immersive, adaptive courses for higher education

Interactive e-Textbooks

Students get a contextualized and adaptive learning experience that helps them navigate texts, create and organize their study plan, and participate in lively discussions with their instructor and the entire class.

Intuitive Analytics

Instructors see real-time performance data. An instant overview of student progress and proficiency helps pinpoint areas of strength and areas of concern.

360° Collaboration

Students collaborate with their instructors and the entire class, which boosts student engagement and productivity. Instructors can craft and share with their peers multi-faceted lesson plans.

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Snapwiz Team

At Snapwiz, we create and deliver personalized learning experiences. We acknowledge and celebrate the fact that every learner is different, so we craft custom learning paths for individuals based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Madhu Narasa

CEO & Co-Founder

Madhu Narasa is the CEO and co-founder of Snapwiz, a premier adaptive learning company.Madhu started Snapwiz with a simple mission: revitalize education with technology-based teaching solutions.

Satish Kumar

COO & Co-Founder

Satish has deep experience in managing products, technology and operations. Before joining Snapwiz, he co-founded Getvendors, an online marketing company that won several accolades from media and analysts.

Aditya Agarkar

VP of Product & Co-Founder

Aditya is a seasoned executive with a solid track record in the technology industry. Prior to co-founding Snapwiz, Aditya was with Oracle Corp. for nine years where he held many senior level positions in the Applications division.

Leslie Tyler

VP of Marketing

Leslie has led marketing at Internet companies for the past 15 years targeting both consumer and B2B customers. Most recently as Vice President of Marketing at JustAnswer and previously as Vice President of Marketing at ZipRealty.

Sriram Cherukuri

Director of Technology

Sriram leads Mobile Development at Snapwiz. Prior to founding Snapwiz, he was a Senior Engineer at Oracle Corporation, Yahoo Search and (Microsoft). At Oracle he developed products for Identity management for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Samba Potla

Director of Engineering

Samba has over 13 years of professional experience spanning multiple industries including technology, commodity trading, insurance and banking–of which 10 years were spent in software product engineering services working with software product companies.

Lawrence Chernin

Senior Director, Data Science

Lawrence originally worked as an astrophysicist at Berkeley after completing a PhD at Harvard University.

Tim Sitar

Curriculum Advisor

Tim has 20 years of educational publishing experience with over 12 years devoted to K-12 assessment development. Prior to Snapwiz, Tim held grade level lead and editorial project management roles at CTB/McGraw-Hill and the American Institutes for Research.

John Kyte

Senior Business Development Manager

John is responsible for Business Development at Edulastic. He works closely with the Customer Success and Marketing teams to acquire new customers and manage partnerships.

Ileana Betancourt

Marketing Manager

Ileana has worked to connect educators to great resources since 2010. Before Snapwiz, she helped grow the K-12 program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. She has a Digital Marketing Certificate from Berkeley AMI and her B.S. from Cornell University.

John Chen

Customer Success Manager

John is the Customer Success manager at Edulastic. His professional experience covers stints in multiple industries including financial services, market research and most recently, educational technology.

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“Learning Space, created by the Snapwiz-Wiley partnership, will change the way we think about digital learning. For great ideas and creative energy, we like working with Snapwiz.”

Peter Booth Wiley, Chairman of the Board, Partner