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    Snapwiz offers smarter assessment tools—helping educators provide students with continuous evaluation & individualized feedback.
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    "Learning Space, created by the Snapwiz-Wiley partnership, will change the way we think about digital learning. For great ideas and creative energy, we like working with Snapwiz."
We empower teachers to create and deliver personalized learning experiences

Streamline and Improve Productivity

At Snapwiz our philosophy is simple: Educators can do more for their students when they’re empowered by smarter assessment, collaborative, & adaptive learning widgets. Creating personalized, interactive, courseware transforms how your world-class instructors teach; allowing them to focus on improving their efficacy without sacrificing individualized learning.

Craft Personalized Learning Spaces

Educators can create holistic and personalized learning experiences—delivering customized learning paths that match any individual’s unique learning style. With one-of-a-kind assessment tools and adaptive learning widgets, they can create a collaborative learning space that radically accelerates student engagement, assessment, and learning outcomes.

Enhance Classroom Workflow

Wish you could optimize class time and improve classroom workflow? Snapwiz technology gives educators more time to exercise their teaching talents while improving measurable learning outcomes for each student. With open tools to create and grade assessments with ease, and the ability to contextualize any aspect of any assignment, educators can customize their curriculum to meet even their toughest needs.  

Faster, More Robust Learning

Why choose Snapwiz? Talk to any educator and they’ll say the same thing: they have trouble achieving their curriculum objectives. There’s a better way to run a classroom, and we’re here to help guide the way with never-before-seen tools built to revolutionize pedagogies. See how even the busiest educators can find time to let their teaching strategies evolve in the classroom & online.

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