Snapwiz Blog: A New Beginning

April 11, 2014
by Jordan Taylor

Snapwiz HomepageSnapwiz is back in the saddle again, providing teachers with the best teaching tools at the right time.

Who we are

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re a venture-backed company dedicated to solving assessment and pedagogical challenges in both K-12 and Higher Education learning environments.

Our mission doesn’t leave anyone out of the equation: We want everyone involved in education—students, instructors, administrators, and publishers—to take a great leap forward. If there’s one thing we are passionate about, it’s doing whatever we can to develop tech-based education solutions. We’re also here to share intricate details on our ever-evolving personalized learning platform along with news, insights, and updates.

Where it all begins

Our goal is to transform how your world-class instructors teach by allowing them to focus on improving their effectiveness without sacrificing individualized instruction.

And that’s exactly what our next generation technology solution platform does. It offers teachers smarter assessment and adaptive learning tools specifically developed to save them time, foster classroom collaboration, and streamline the personalized learning process.

We craft solutions that are more than meaningful—they’ll change how instructors create and students learn. Join us in creating never-before-seen learning spaces for students, powered by one-of-a-kind adaptive and extensible eConcept widgets.

Our Partners

Working with the world’s best global education publishing companies, we’re integrating game-chaining content into our innovative framework to advance pedagogy and student learning success. Our partnership with Wiley—WileyPlus Learning Space—is just one example of how you can apply our personalized learning technology platform to your classroom.



Our platform can also be used independently at your institution to deploy collaborative, adaptive, and assessment learning solutions. Talk to us to learn more.

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